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FMCC Tastes Philadelphia Freedom

The sun was shining on Friday, April 12, 2019 for the FMCC’s Fifth Annual Philadelphia tour hosted by the Biz Hub and Wall Street student clubs. Departing from FM at 6:00 a.m., with a sold-out Brown Bus Coach of FMCC students, employees and family members, the trip continued its tradition of visiting the historic first capital’s sites including the Bourse Building, Congress Hall, Carpenter’s Hall, Benjamin Franklin Museum, and the U.S. Franklin Mint.

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FMCC Tours Philadelphia

By: Frank Yunker and Laurence Zuckerman

The FMCC Wall Street Club, in conjunction with the College’s BizHub Club, sponsored their Fourth Annual bus trip to Philadelphia, PA on Friday, April 20th, 2018.

The walking tour led by Professors Frank Yunker and Larry Zuckerman was centered on the old colonial section of town. The tour began in Congress Hall, which is next to Independence Hall, and students actually stepped into the place where our nation’s first House of Representatives originally met. In this very room, George Washington watched John Adams take the oath of office, marking the first time in history that a country so large witnessed the peaceful transfer of power from one elected leader to another.

The Senate met on the second floor and during the 10 years the building was in use, the terms “Upper Chamber” and “Lower Chamber” came into use to describe the two political bodies.

One additional treat for the students was the visit to the Second National Bank. This year, the portrait gallery was open and the group got the chance to see portraits of many of the founding fathers and colonial leaders. The tour continued on to Carpenter’s Hall, where the first Continental Congress met in 1774.

From there, the group headed toward the US Mint, but not before a stop where Benjamin Franklin’s house once stood. The only thing that remains now is portions of the foundation, so the Franklin museum actually erected a “ghost house” that outlines the size of the original structure. Students also visited Ben Franklin’s grave, which is covered with pennies. Of course, old Ben made famous the phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

At the US Mint, students learned about the process of how metal alloy blanks are turned into the genuine circulating coins we use everyday.  Compared to past years, it was easy to see that the conveyor belts carrying newly minted coins were not as active. A quick google search revealed that the US government has been reducing coin production in the past couple of years; indeed, digital money is beginning to replace physical currency and the PA mint offers first hand proof of that.

Lastly, the students broke into two tours. Professor Zuckerman led many students to see the Liberty Bell. Professor Yunker led a smaller group to tour the National Museum of American Jewish history. Due to a grant from the late Conductor Leonard Bernstein’s foundation, the museum offers free admission on Friday afternoons through the spring and summer seasons, so everyone who toured the museum got a bargain!

2nd Annual Pie-Your-Professor

Special thanks to all the FM staff who volunteered to have pie thrown at them. This years Biz Hub Club students have worked hard on giving back to the community and planning many campus events and fundraisers. Today’s pie-your-professor was a great way to end a successful year. See some of the pictures from the event below:

Administrative Luncheon – 2017

My FM Biz Hub students host their annual administrative luncheon to say thanks for all the support the staff provide for the students and the college.

“Fundraising is a tradition and giving is good business.”

The FM Biz Hub is a business club that feels giving is good business. This semester the club has made money by fundraising. The fundraising activities allow the Biz Hub to use business practices to create fundraisers that are profitable and will attract customers. This allows the club to give back to the FMCC community and local charitable organizations.”

For the fall semester the FM Biz hub has been busy fundraising every other week. This enabled the club to donate five Thanksgiving baskets and one gift card to families this year. It feels so good to give back to our college community.

This holiday season the club will be adopting a family and supplying them with presents, a holiday meal and a Christmas tree. The club is happy to accept donations. See Mark Swain or Charlene Dybas for any further questions regarding donations.

Watch for the last fundraiser of the semester on December 8th. Cotton Candy!

5 Thanksgiving Baskets For Local Community



All That Glitters…

By Laurence K. Zuckerman, CPA, MST

“Often have you heard it told, all that glitters is not gold.”

All respect for William Shakespeare notwithstanding, he should have seen the gold vault at the Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan, like students from the FMCC Wall Street club and Biz Hub clubs.

On Friday, November 4, 2016, the two clubs journeyed to Wall Street for what has now become an annual tradition. Departing by Brown Coach from the FMCC Student Union parking lot at 6:15 a.m., over two dozen students and  faculty enjoyed the brilliant sunshine and 60 degree temperatures (summer in Manhattan – almost) for a walking tour of the City that included:

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Join The Business Club @ The Biz Hub

We are the Business Club but you don’t have to be a business major to join.

Please consider joining us on Wednesdays at noon in room C 025. The club is very active and is always looking for new members to participate and generate new ideas. Each semester the club looks forward to some of the following activities:

  • Traveling to New York City (fall) Philadelphia (spring)
  • Raising money for charities
  • Hosting the Administrative Assistant Luncheon
  • Selling roses at graduation
  • Participating in the business plan competition
  • Managing the business club website

Some of the greatest advantages is it will look great on any resume and the friends that come with it are irreplaceable. This club is a networking opportunity. We are looking to expand to all majors. For more information, contact Professor Swain or Professor Dybas.


By: Business Club President, Kendra and Vice President, Jessica

FM Biz Hub Students Hosting Lunch

Philadelphia Freedom Shines On FMCC Business Students

“Well, I live and breathe that Philadelphia freedom…”

Those immortal words of the legendary rock ballad started playing in my head at 6:00 a.m. on Friday, April 15, 2016, as a new Brown Coach packed with 33 business students from the BIZHUB and Wall Street clubs left the visitors parking lot, continuing a new tradition that commenced in the Spring 2015 semester. Then, the Wall Street Club embarked on it first tour to the City of Brotherly Love. This time, the two clubs pooled their resources and were able to return to Philly with a bigger and even better field trip to the US Mint, Congress Hall, Carpenters Hall, the Liberty Bell and much less! Less? Yes! Less traffic jams–saving us a full hour over last year—less rain and clouds and chill in the air—75 degree temps and nothing but sunshine truly added to this year’s glorious day. Students were able to actually sit in the first Congress of the United States—yes—Congress was first housed in Philadelphia in a two story building (and later moved to Washington DC) The lower floor was the House of Representatives and the Senate was located on the second floor—hence the names lower and upper chambers—who knew?!!! Of course, we also got to see how money was and continues to be coined by watching some pretty amazing stamping and engraving machines in action at the US Mint. Standing at the epicenter of the famous Liberty Bell, visited by everyone from famous U.S Presidents to the Dalai Lama, FMCC students were able to see first-hand the symbol of the gift of freedom that so many have fought and died for. There, I was reminded of what my grandmother and grandfather, who immigrated to this country to escape persecution, used to say with very thick accents — “Laddy, dis is a great country — dis USA. Be a good boychik (boy) and dere vill be da best school for you.” They were right. Education is the ticket to the American Dream of opportunity. We saw it first-hand in Philadelphia. Better yet, we live it each day here at FMCC and everywhere in this United States of America.

By Laurence K. Zuckerman, CPA, MST

Assistant Professor of Business and Accounting, Co-faculty Advisor, Wall Street Club


Philadelphia Field Trip

$20 each (cash only) Non-refundable

38 passenger Brown Coach

Leave 6:00 a.m. Return 11:00 p.m Friday April 15 2016

See Professor Zuckerman For Tickets