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Congratulations to Kendra on her SUNY Chancellor Award

FM Community & Students Reflect On Their Visit To Ireland

FM Community & Students Visit Ireland

Ireland exceeded everyone’s expectations as they visited Dublin and Belfast with group leader Mark Swain and EF Tours. The tour started with a walk around Dublin to see the Book of Kells located in Trinity College. In the evening, they enjoyed a traditional dinner at an authentic pub in the famous Temple Bar area of the city. On day-two the FM group took a bus tour and visited St Patrick’s Cathedral along with a visit to the Guinness Factory and lunch in the oldest pub in Ireland, The Brazen Head.

On day-three students got a cultural experience at Causey Farm, where they met Dermot, the quintessential guide to teach them all about baking soda bread, traditional Irish dancing and how to play the Bodhran, an Irish frame drum.

Day-four continued to be an exciting time as they travelled to Northern Ireland where they learned about mythical giants of Scotland and Ireland at the Giants Causeway. Some of the travelers were brave enough to cross the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge during extremely high winds and treacherous weather conditions…not for the faint of heart!

The trip then took an emotional journey as it moved to Belfast, where the tour-guide explained the history and his first-hand experience of the struggles in Northern Ireland that continue to present day. The guide took the tour along the Falls Road and his personal journey of living during a time of war. The guide described his time spent in The Crumlin Road Gaol, aka the Crum, as he pointed out the bus window to what is now a museum of the jail where he had once been incarcerated. The tour then travelled to the Shankill Road to reflect on the other side of the conflict. The bus passed through the current no-man’s land, where businesses employ both Catholics and Protestants alike. They saw the “Peace Wall” and the gates at either end of the wall that still close every evening at 6.00pm to keep the two factions apart. This lesson was emotional for the tour guide as he reflected on the most recent passing of Martin McGuiness, a former IRA member/commander.

Day-four continued with International Business Students returning home to the Belvedere Hotel in Dublin for an evening business conference to discuss the next day activities of business meetings and study.

Day-five started early with a team breakfast and taxi commute through the streets of Dublin for an 8.00am meeting with the head of innovation, David Tighe at the Bank of Ireland (BoI). This was a glimpse into the world of funding and communicating with startup companies throughout the world. The BoI has reinvented itself since the 2007/8 financial crisis and is trying to rebuild its brand image and trust of its customers. Students moved from the meeting to the BoI’s incubator in the exciting hi-tech area of Dublin that is home to companies such a FaceBook and Google along with the BoI Workbench. Students were involved in testing a new virtual meeting software for a new startup company at the banks innovative workbench environment.

The afternoon meeting involved a trip across town to LOGOGRAB, an entrepreneurial startup that has a state of the art software that helps companies improve brand detection, mobile engagement and obtains brand insights for their customers.  The students met with the Marketing Director. Collette Doyle an energetic young executive who impressed all the students with her insights and knowledge. The Republic of Ireland and its capital, Dublin, is an exciting place for young entrepreneurs to build partnerships and global success for their business ideas.

As the travelers left the emerald isle they felt fortunate to have had such great experiences along with making life-long memories. The travelers have made new friends and networks to build on their future careers in International Business.

Students are now excited and are planning for next years trip to Belize, March 2018. If you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity offered by The FM Biz Hub see this link: itinerary click here.

Contact Mark Swain, Business Instructor for more details: or Joel Chapin, Art Professor




Day 5 – Getting Down To Business

International business students meet with Bank Of Ireland’s head of innovation in the morning and then LOGOGRAB’s Marketing Director in the afternoon.


Day 4 – Northern Ireland

Students visit Northern Ireland

Day 3 – Visit To Causey Farm

International travelers experience an Irish cultural site by visiting Causey Farm


Day 2 – St Patrick’s Cathedral

Travelers visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Day 2.

Day 1 in Dublin – International Business Students & Travelers

FM Travelers adventure around Dublin on a beautiful sunny/rainy day.

Find A Balance In Your Career

Article by: Mark Swain – Accounting & Business Instructor

Do you love the idea of finding a career that helps you discover balance? No, I’m not suggesting you become a yogi, although that would be a great lifestyle too. I’m talking about finding the yin and yang of a career in accounting. Accountants discover the daily joy of juggling money and immersing themselves in the synergy of double entry bookkeeping as it comes together in perfect harmony. The ebbs and flows of debits and credits become rhythmic in the analyst’s tasks as the left crosses the right in a mythical dance that will outlive us all. Imagine discovering the meaning of fiscal responsibility and financial health for yourself and all those around you. As the practitioner prepares for the final reconciliation to reach its crescendo, the final artwork is displayed on a green striped canvas and printed for all its’ stakeholders to see, a balance sheet. The culmination of an accountant’s hard work is paid off with not only a rewarding paycheck and job security but the ability to create a perfect picture month after month that reflects all their hard work for everyone to see, a balance sheet. A balance sheet is said to paint a picture of its subject at a specific point in time, so an accountant could also be considered an artist. The accountant uses the rules of principle and ethics along with his pen and trusty calculator to finalize a masterpiece, the balance sheet. This final masterpiece drives its’ readers to make decisions to empty their bank accounts and change their own financial landscapes.

Accountants are not only artists but they help those around them find peace. How many of us find challenges in balancing a checkbook, completing a tax return and planning for retirement? A good accountant will listen and make recommendations to help those in need. The accountant is a good listener who shows empathy for all those who need financial guidance. We all strive to find balance between eating well, exercising, spending time with friends and loved ones but the accountant is the master of the final piece, finance. The accountant can help us all live-in balance with the universe.

If you are still reading and want to start your path to become an accounting master, then the FM Business division has an Accounting degree for you. The degree can be used to….click below to continue reading:

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Join The Biz Hub

Looking for a new experience while studying at FM? The business club could be your solution! Keep this in mind, you do not have to be a business major to join up. FM’s business club has been opening doors to new friends and great experiences both on and off campus. The club has been involved with many charitable donations and annual events. These events include: Thanksgiving Baskets, Family Christmas Help, Bake Sales, The Annual Graduation Rose Sale, and The Administrative Luncheon. Although the club seems focused on giving back to the community, staff, and students it does offer more. The Business Club works with the Wall Street Club in setting up day trips to New York City and Philadelphia. The club also assists with students that want to become part of The Business Plan Competition, open to all majors as well. This can all be seen on the club’s website Here you can find all the details of what goes on in the club from articles, pictures that capture every moment. Come back soon!

The Business Club — it’s where you can start to grow a friendship that will last a lifetime.

By: Seth Brookshire – Accounting Major

My FM Biz Hub Hours & Tutoring

Welcome back to all FM Biz Hub students. The Biz Hub is up and running for the Spring 2017 semester in C025, C027 and the Model Office. We have a new Accounting and QBA tutor this semester,  Joseph Patenaude. Joseph is an Accounting major who has excelled in all his accounting classes. Joseph is in his final semester at FM studying Advanced Bookkeeping and Tax to finish up his major. If you are currently studying ACC101 or QBA come to The Biz Hub to do your homework and ask questions.  The hours of operation and support are listed below.

Joseph Patenaude

Joseph Patenaude
FM Accounting Major – Biz Hub Student

Click more to find the schedule:

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