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FMCC students, faculty, and community members tour NYC, October 2019

By Laurence Zuckerman and Frank Yunker

COMMUNITY – that’s the middle name of Fulton Montgomery COMMUNITY College. And it was in that spirit that the annual FMCC Wall Street (Investments) Club and the Biz Hub (Business) Club trip to NYC was conducted on Friday, October 25, 2019.  In attendance were five members of the extended FMCC Community – the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Women’s Consortium. Forty-five students, teachers and members of the community boarded a packed Brown Charter Bus – at 6:00 a.m. that sunny Friday.

Some students came for the guided tour of Wall Street, China Town, Little Italy, Chelsea, and mid-town Manhattan led by Wall Street Club faculty advisors and co-founders Frank Yunker and Laurence Zuckerman. Some came to explore popular NYC attractions, such as the famed Times Square, on their own. The Elizabeth Cady Stanton Women’s Consortium was there for a different reason. They wanted to see the famous “Fearless Girl” statue, in conjunction with their planned speaker, Kristen Visbal, the sculptor of the iconic statue, who will speak on March 28, 2020 at the Johnstown HFM BOCES. Formerly placed before the famed “Wall Street Bull,” it now stands proudly – fiercely – facing the New York Stock Exchange.

The guided tour started at the famed Trinity Church, now under renovation. The cemetery holds the remains of Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton and Robert Fulton, the inventor of the very steam engine that helped spark the Industrial Revolution and for whom Fulton County is named. Later in the day, the group toured St. Paul’s Chapel where General Richard Montgomery (for whom Montgomery County is named) is buried. Next was Federal Hall, a national park building where George Washington took the Oath of Office to become the first president of the United States.

Of course, students walked down Wall Street and saw remains of the “wall” and the New Yok Stock Exchange, where stock trading has taken place for over 200 years. Other historic stops included the New York Federal Reserve Bank headquarters. The Fed establishes the monetary policy of the country, as taught in Macroeconomics courses at the College. Lunch was at Chinatown, where authentic Chinese cuisine proved to be a real hit. Where else can you buy three NY Yankee baseball hats for just $10.00? Ferrara’s famous Italian bakery, a landmark of Little Italy since 1892, was also voted world’s best cannoli by many.

Several of the trip participants had never been to NYC before and many were there just to take their first subway ride, including transfer, to Chelsea Market, one of the largest eatery and shopping urban malls in the United States. Across the street from Chelsea Market is the massive Google headquarters. Undoubtedly, they knew our every move. Then, the group took a 1.4-mile walk on the New York High Line – an elevated railroad track that has been converted into a park with trees and foliage as well as residential and commercial skyscrapers fascinated all. A final stop was Bryant Park, the backyard of the renowned New York Public Library.

Fresh air, history, economics, and nearly 20,000 steps of exercise. It was a long, fun, and highly educational day. And at just $20.00, a real NYC bargain. A trip is being planned for Philadelphia, PA this spring that will include stops at the Philadelphia Mint, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the first Congress, Ben Franklin Museum, and much more. So, as they say in the famous New York New York, Sinatra song, START SPREADING THE NEWS.


Frank Yunker is Professor of Computer Science and Laurence K. Zuckerman, CPA, MST is Associate Professor of Business and Accounting at Fulton Montgomery Community College/State University of New York



Environment & Culture In Costa Rica

Informational session just announced – Monday – May 6 @ 12.00 pm in The Biz Hub C025.  

During the spring 2020 semester Professor Joel Chapin and the division of fine arts in conjunction with Dr. Mark Swain and the FM Biz Hub are offering another international travel opportunity.

Click here to enroll on the International Business Enrollment, including prices and travel information.

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FMCC Tastes Philadelphia Freedom

The sun was shining on Friday, April 12, 2019 for the FMCC’s Fifth Annual Philadelphia tour hosted by the Biz Hub and Wall Street student clubs. Departing from FM at 6:00 a.m., with a sold-out Brown Bus Coach of FMCC students, employees and family members, the trip continued its tradition of visiting the historic first capital’s sites including the Bourse Building, Congress Hall, Carpenter’s Hall, Benjamin Franklin Museum, and the U.S. Franklin Mint.

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Spring Break 2019 – Ireland, Wales & England

Another successful trip hosted by FM and the Biz Hub. If you have any questions about the trip ask Professor Swain and see some of the images below:

FM Biz Hub’s Yankee Candle Fundraiser

FM Biz Hub’s Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Help us raise money for our fall initiatives and shop for the Holidays!

Fundraiser Deadline: November 14

How to order:

Shop online at

Our Group # 999986869


We also have catalogs located in Room C-025 and in the faculty offices.

If you have questions or cannot find a catalogue contact any  Biz Hub Club member

Advisors: Charlene Dybas and Mark Swain

British Isles – Spring Break 2019

Informational session just announced – Thursday, Sept 13 at noon in room C025, The FM Biz Hub.  

BUS 206 International Business: Study Abroad – The British Isles (Ireland, Wales and England)   

During the Spring 2019 semester the FM Biz Hub is offering International Business: Study Abroad. This is a special topics elective that includes an experiential learning objective with a study abroad component to Ireland (Killarney & Dublin) North Wales and England (Stratford, Oxford and London) during  Spring Break 2019. Students will study similarities and differences in the cultural, political and business practices of the United States, Europe and Great Britain. Business students will be visiting and studying at corporations in Dublin and London. Participants will also get guided tours of popular sites on route. The trip is open to the community and taking the class is not required to attend the trip.

To see the complete itinerary click here. The cost is $3,455 with a$150 surcharge if travelers are older than 30. That includes flights to and from Albany, NY, accommodation, breakfast, two evening meals and guided tours highlighted in the itinerary. If travelers sign up in in September an additional $150 discount will be applied so it will only cost $3,305…Sign up today!

For more information on these trips and/or the class contact; Mark Swain, Business or Joel Chapin, Art Professor

FM Biz Hub students visiting the Tower of London and businesses in Dublin.

FMCC Tours Philadelphia

By: Frank Yunker and Laurence Zuckerman

The FMCC Wall Street Club, in conjunction with the College’s BizHub Club, sponsored their Fourth Annual bus trip to Philadelphia, PA on Friday, April 20th, 2018.

The walking tour led by Professors Frank Yunker and Larry Zuckerman was centered on the old colonial section of town. The tour began in Congress Hall, which is next to Independence Hall, and students actually stepped into the place where our nation’s first House of Representatives originally met. In this very room, George Washington watched John Adams take the oath of office, marking the first time in history that a country so large witnessed the peaceful transfer of power from one elected leader to another.

The Senate met on the second floor and during the 10 years the building was in use, the terms “Upper Chamber” and “Lower Chamber” came into use to describe the two political bodies.

One additional treat for the students was the visit to the Second National Bank. This year, the portrait gallery was open and the group got the chance to see portraits of many of the founding fathers and colonial leaders. The tour continued on to Carpenter’s Hall, where the first Continental Congress met in 1774.

From there, the group headed toward the US Mint, but not before a stop where Benjamin Franklin’s house once stood. The only thing that remains now is portions of the foundation, so the Franklin museum actually erected a “ghost house” that outlines the size of the original structure. Students also visited Ben Franklin’s grave, which is covered with pennies. Of course, old Ben made famous the phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

At the US Mint, students learned about the process of how metal alloy blanks are turned into the genuine circulating coins we use everyday.  Compared to past years, it was easy to see that the conveyor belts carrying newly minted coins were not as active. A quick google search revealed that the US government has been reducing coin production in the past couple of years; indeed, digital money is beginning to replace physical currency and the PA mint offers first hand proof of that.

Lastly, the students broke into two tours. Professor Zuckerman led many students to see the Liberty Bell. Professor Yunker led a smaller group to tour the National Museum of American Jewish history. Due to a grant from the late Conductor Leonard Bernstein’s foundation, the museum offers free admission on Friday afternoons through the spring and summer seasons, so everyone who toured the museum got a bargain!

A Career at Home? FM Offers That!

By: Amy Radik

Misty-Lynn Hilts, a resident of Sprakers, NY, graduated from Gloversville High School and enrolled at FM along with her twin, DJ.  They graduated from FM together; Misty-Lynn with a Medical Administrative Assistant degree and DJ with a Criminal Justice degree.

“I graduated with my Medical Administrative Assistant degree which allowed me to sit for the Certified Professional Coder exam through the Academy of Professional Coders,” says Misty-Lynn.  “I chose this program because it wasn’t just about coding; I learned many other things that allowed me to become valuable in the behind-the-scenes aspect of healthcare.”

Misty-Lynn credits Assistant Professor of Business Technology Applications Charlene Dybas with helping her to become successful.  “Professor Dybas always gave me the extra push to go above and beyond with everything I did in class and continue to do today (outside of class). She even continued to reach out to me after I graduated making me aware of job opportunities and inquiring about where I was with my journey as a medical coder,” said Misty-Lynn.  “The dedication of the professors at FM and how much they believe in their students was the best part of my college experience. You gain a second family while working to create a better future for yourself.”

After graduating from FM, Misty-Lynn went on to become a Certified Professional Coder through the American Academy of Professional Coders.  She says she has achieved her goal of working as a Certified Professional Medical Coder at Nathan Littauer Hospital (from 2016 through 2017) and then set more goals for herself. “I continued to advance my career as a Remote Level II Medical Coder with an amazing company called HCA Healthcare,” she tells us, as she is happily working from home in a position she loves.

Earning a degree is a proud moment for any student, but for Misty-Lynn, it was extra special – a true accomplishment. “I grew up with a chronic physical disability and had to overcome a lot of obstacles that helped me become who I am today,” she explains.  “I’ve used and continue to use my strength through the ‘Hope Where Hope is Needed’ project that I created in 2010. This project helps bring awareness to children who live with chronic disabilities. I’ve been to local elementary schools as well as Albany Medical Center’s Pediatric Unit to read with children and work on activities to continue to promote awareness for my project. This is what has given – and continues to give me – motivation every day.”

Misty-Lynn is also thankful she had a local community college to attend; providing her support and encouragement.  “FM is extremely important for students and their futures. You receive a quality education while still being able to stay local. There’s so much the College has to offer to help students succeed in life in so many ways, as well as achieve their dream careers.  I know they’ve helped me with mine.”

To learn more about the Medical Administrative Assistant program, or other programs at FM, contact the Admissions Office at (518) 736-FMCC (3622), ext. 8301, text (518) 620-2461, or visit


Travel & Explore – Belize 2018

By: Joel Chapin & Mark Swain

Do you have the desire to pack your bags and travel to a new country, meet new people and explore different cultures? If yes, then FM may have the answer for you! During the spring 2018 semester Professor Joel Chapin and the division of fine arts in conjunction with Mark Swain and the FM Biz Hub are offering an international travel opportunity to Belize. People who travel together stay together and that is true of Joel and Mark along with many other previous travelers. During the past five years FM has offered both students and the community many opportunities to travel, study and experience different cultures. After visiting London some of the travelers reflected on their experiences and shared their thoughts:

“I got to see a lot of the things most travelers get to see in London. But more interestingly, I got to see parts of London that aren’t on a tourist map.”

“I have made memories and friends for life…”

“My favorite moments were not being able to say I experienced just “London”, but being able to experience the culture and history with friends and people who I now call friends. That’s what makes the difference.”

Business students will study similarities and differences in the cultural, political and business practices of the United States and Belize. Travelers can sign up and take one of two class options as an international business elective or an art class:

BUS 206 International Business: Study Abroad – Belize

This course is a special topics elective that includes an experiential learning objective with a study abroad component to Belize. Students will study similarities and differences in the cultural, political and business practices of the United States, Central America and Belize. Business students will be visiting and studying at least one corporation in Belize City and an in-depth look at ecotourism and the impact of tourism on a culture and its economy.

IDS.200 Interdisciplinary studies-Belize : A Confluence of Art and Nature

This course is an international study course that will focus on the art and architecture of the Mayan civilization and how this dynamic culture was influenced by the tropical environment of Mesoamerica including Belize. The course also enhances cross-cultural skills and develops a greater understanding of cultural, historical and political concepts of the newest democracy in the western hemisphere. We will travel to the Mayan sites of Lamina and to the magnificent complex of architecture at Xuantunich as well as many other rainforest and costal environments. This course fulfills a SUNY General Education requirement in the area of Other World

Having the opportunity to travel is a gift and FM is pleased to share this gift with its students and community. You don’t have to take a class to join this trip. The only requirement is that you sign up before Dec 1st to get the latest discounted price and to look forward to this once in a life time experience.  To see the complete itinerary visit EF Tours at this link. The cost is approximately $3,600. That includes flights to and from Albany, NY, accommodation, meals and guided tours highlighted in the itinerary.

For more information on these trips and/or the class go to EF Tours and/or contact; Mark Swain, Business or Joel Chapin, Art Professor

Advance in Your Career or Get Started on One… Earn an Administrative Assistant Degree!

By Prof. Dybas

With the expanding role and responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant in today’s modern office environment, have you ever thought about working in a busy medical office or in a bustling business setting? Fulton-Montgomery Community College has the programs and courses needed to start you in this career, get you ahead in your current position, or change your job!