Environment & Culture In Costa Rica

Informational session just announced – Monday – May 6 @ 12.00 pm in The Biz Hub C025.  

During the spring 2020 semester Professor Joel Chapin and the division of fine arts in conjunction with Dr. Mark Swain and the FM Biz Hub are offering another international travel opportunity.

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IDS.200 Interdisciplinary studies-Costa Rica : A Confluence of Art and Nature

BUS 206 International Business: Study Abroad – Costa Rica

The BUS 206 course is a special topics elective that includes an experiential learning objective with a study abroad component to Costa Rica. Students will study similarities and differences in the cultural, political and business practices of the United States, Central America and Costa Rica. Business students will be visiting and studying at least one corporation in Costa Rica and an in-depth look at eco-tourism and the impact of tourism on a culture, the environment and its economy.

For more information on these trips and/or the class contact; Mark Swain, Ed.D, Assistant Business Professormark.swain@fmcc.edu or Joel Chapin, Art Professor joel.chapin@fmcc.edu

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