A Career at Home? FM Offers That!

By: Amy Radik

Misty-Lynn Hilts, a resident of Sprakers, NY, graduated from Gloversville High School and enrolled at FM along with her twin, DJ.  They graduated from FM together; Misty-Lynn with a Medical Administrative Assistant degree and DJ with a Criminal Justice degree.

“I graduated with my Medical Administrative Assistant degree which allowed me to sit for the Certified Professional Coder exam through the Academy of Professional Coders,” says Misty-Lynn.  “I chose this program because it wasn’t just about coding; I learned many other things that allowed me to become valuable in the behind-the-scenes aspect of healthcare.”

Misty-Lynn credits Assistant Professor of Business Technology Applications Charlene Dybas with helping her to become successful.  “Professor Dybas always gave me the extra push to go above and beyond with everything I did in class and continue to do today (outside of class). She even continued to reach out to me after I graduated making me aware of job opportunities and inquiring about where I was with my journey as a medical coder,” said Misty-Lynn.  “The dedication of the professors at FM and how much they believe in their students was the best part of my college experience. You gain a second family while working to create a better future for yourself.”

After graduating from FM, Misty-Lynn went on to become a Certified Professional Coder through the American Academy of Professional Coders.  She says she has achieved her goal of working as a Certified Professional Medical Coder at Nathan Littauer Hospital (from 2016 through 2017) and then set more goals for herself. “I continued to advance my career as a Remote Level II Medical Coder with an amazing company called HCA Healthcare,” she tells us, as she is happily working from home in a position she loves.

Earning a degree is a proud moment for any student, but for Misty-Lynn, it was extra special – a true accomplishment. “I grew up with a chronic physical disability and had to overcome a lot of obstacles that helped me become who I am today,” she explains.  “I’ve used and continue to use my strength through the ‘Hope Where Hope is Needed’ project that I created in 2010. This project helps bring awareness to children who live with chronic disabilities. I’ve been to local elementary schools as well as Albany Medical Center’s Pediatric Unit to read with children and work on activities to continue to promote awareness for my project. This is what has given – and continues to give me – motivation every day.”

Misty-Lynn is also thankful she had a local community college to attend; providing her support and encouragement.  “FM is extremely important for students and their futures. You receive a quality education while still being able to stay local. There’s so much the College has to offer to help students succeed in life in so many ways, as well as achieve their dream careers.  I know they’ve helped me with mine.”

To learn more about the Medical Administrative Assistant program, or other programs at FM, contact the Admissions Office at (518) 736-FMCC (3622), ext. 8301, text (518) 620-2461, or visit www.fmcc.edu.